Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw @ Puchong Utama

I know about this place from an article from a local newspaper few weeks back. Search around the net for the exact location and the rest is history. The place boost of their grilled burger or we local called it Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar. The idea came from two partners namely Nas & Nini. You can check out their FB page HERE. The first stall is located over at Seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju and the one I'd visited would be the second located over at Puchong Utama. I heard that customers lined up for hours to taste the burger. Queuing up for hours for a local burger? For real? 

When we arrived, the place was already pack. The owner is taking orders while the rest of the people are busy at their own station preparing the patties. One guy is busy preparing the patty while there are some who is doing the ingredients and some packing. Look very organized, like McD. 

As you can see, all the workers are wearing plastic gloves, which is very hygienic. 

This is how big the each of the patties looked like before it is grilled. 

This is how the patties looked like after it's almost done. Delicious~ 

The patties is prepare with their special marinated sauce which I think is the one inside the bucket. The patties are stacked together when it's ready and being prepared to be served. 

Let us look at the menu now. I knew that their burger is not cheap but you need to see it to believe it. Me and my friend decided to go with their Single Cheezy Baconizer. I can't imagine paying RM20+ for a local burger since Carl's Jr is charging that but inclusive of drinks and fries. Anyway, we don't judge a burger before tasting it anyway. So we got our number and the boss told us that we need to wait 1.5 hours for it. OMG~! My friend told me it's OK and we decided to wait for it and chat our way through. 

After one hour of waiting our grill burger finally arrived. We were given the wrong burger actually. As you can see, the burger come together with 3 pieces of hotdogs. I asked the boss and found out that it's a set menu. He said it was their fault and we don't have to pay extra for it. Happy~!! We were rewarded for our long wait it seemed. 

I heard that each of the patty weight 175gm. When we take a look at the patty, it's really thick and juicy. The melted cheese on top of the patty and hotdog was such a sight for both of us. The only remarks I could give for the burger would be more salads. The burger focuses more on their patty and cheese but not enough vegetables. I mean it's local burger but I think it would help if they try to make it a tit more healthier. Under that bread there's beef bacon on it. I think you can see there's a small red color meat pocking out from that thick layer of cheese on top. 

The patty is big and juicy. It's really hard for both of us to sink our teeth into the whole thing. Hence they prepared fork and spoon for us. Actually I like to have my burger by getting my hands dirty but since my friend is not into that, I too don't have the mood to go down and dirty with it. Overall the burger is really filling and delicious. Another thing  that they can improve on would be their bread maybe. I think they can have something better than the one they are using now. Worth the RM11.50 we paid? I won't have it on a daily basis but it's truly something different from our local selections. At least now we have an option for grill burger rather then the usual pan fried. 


Yummy Taiwan @ Kota Kemuning

Found this new place from my brother and friends few weeks back. I am always a fan of Taiwanese cuisine so when I heard there's a new place around my area I can't resist to go and have a try. It's located at Kota Kemuning border to Bukit Rimau. There's a lot of new shops opening at this particular area now. 

First on the table would be wifey's favorite Oyster Mee Sua. Portion is just nice for her. Oyster not as large as the one over at ShihLin but it's OK. Taste wise wifey said she preferred the one over at ShihLin since it has that oyster sauce which increased the taste of the whole noodle.

I am a fan of stewed pork rice or ru-lou fan after my visit back from Taiwan few years back. So I will not miss any chance to have it again over here. But my previously encounter with it isn't as nice as the one over at Taiwan. So I give this one a try when I saw it in their menu. Portion was nice since they are charging it close to $7 for this. But there is an additional half of an egg that goes with the rice. Pork was aplenty as you can see. Taste is on average but I can bare with this. I still think that the one I had over at Tian Xiang Hui Wei is way better though. 

Next is their famous 3-Cup Wine Chicken rice. I regret that I ever ordered it. This has got to be one of the worst 3-cup I had. I had a few rounds over at Fong Lye which I think served the best to date for me. The sauce isn't that strong hence I can't really feel that I am really having a wine rice. The garlic scent was strong thou. Fail~! 

This is another recommended dish. My brother had this before and I give it a try on my second visit. Yes, it's really worth the $9.50 you are paying for this. Portion was nice and the curry tasted really good with the chicken. If you are hungry, order this. 

Brother highly recommended this meat roll as his first visit having this was really memorable. But when this arrived on our table and I sink my teeth into it, it felt slimy. I looked inside the meat and saw that it's very raw and soft like it's not even cook. The weird thing is that, we finish it off as we're not sure if it's supposed to be this or not. Quite a gross experience for me. Yes, bro forgot how it was like on his first trip. haha~!! 

Last but not least the salted fried chicken rice. Portion isn't that large but sufficient if you are a moderate or small eater. As you can see, there's 5 pieces of fried chicken sprinkle with some hot powder. Something like ShihLin's XXL chicken but in mini size. The rice is topped with some stewed pork gravy if I am not mistaken. My friend said it was quite OK for her. 

Overall, there's hit and misses but I guess I am alright with this place. Since they have a lot of food to offer. I can always order those which I like anyway. The place is quite pack during dinner time. They served bubble milk tea too but I highly doubt that it's anything comparable with Chatime or ShareTea. 

Food: 3.5 out of 5.0 (hit and misses but bearable) 
Service: 3.8 out of 5.0 (quite fast at some time) 
Ambiance: 3.8 out of 5.0 (brightly lid up and clean) 

2-37, Persiaraan Anggerik Vanilla, 
Seksyen 31, Kota Kemuning,
40760 Shah Alam


Tian Xiang Tian Wei 天香回味 @ Sunway Giza

I had been hearing about this place from one of my friend few months back. Hearing how good it was isn't the main thing but knowing how expensive it was, is. My friend spent more than RM100 for a steamboat dinner for two. WTH?! That has got to be the most expensive steamboat dinner I heard so far. I need to go and see it myself. The place is located at Sunway Giza facing the street rather than inside the mall. They have three branches to date if I am not mistaken. There's one over at Pudu, KL and the latest one over at Klang Bukit Tinggi. 

It's located at Level 2 and no worries, there's a lift for you if you're too lazy to climb the stairs. Once we entered the place, our nostril was attacked by their strong herbal fragrant from the soup. OK, this should be good. I'd made reservation and we're running late that night. Managed to get a table for us within 10minutes. The place was pack. The place is running with waitresses taking orders and cleaning the tables. Business is really good it seemed. 

We were served with plastic wrapped eating utensils. How hygienic I think but I found out that one of the small plate has some mark on it. So I asked for a change and since all their utensils are plastic wrapped in a set, so I got a new set. I found out from the bill that we are being charged RM2 for two sets of these. Hygienic comes with a price tag these days it seemed. 

Decided to go with their house combo pot. Since it was just me and wifey, we had a medium pot which cost us RM30 while a larger one would cost RM35.  

As mentioned in their menu, they are using more than 60 herbs and spices in their soup. The herbal soup was really salty but nice to drink. We had a few sips and the waitress told us to throw in the pork balls in first since it took longer to cook. The smell from both soup are really strong. Wifey really like their herbal soup. 

This is their spicy oil soup. I don't think anyone in their right mind would drink this. But we both agreed that slice meat are best cook with this soup rather than herbal. They just add plain water for both the soup since the soup in the pot are heavily prepared with lots of spices and herbs. 

This is not in their menu if I am not mistaken. I saw some customers having this and asked the waitress and we are served with stewed pork rice. This is one hell of a stewed pork rice. One of the best I had locally. Portion was really generous I guess. Rice is soft and the pork was plentiful. This comes really close to the one I had over at Taiwan. Nice~!!! 

There are a few choices to be made on their meat side. We decided to go with pork shoulder. I don't really find anything different of their pork with the one I had outside but when you cook it with the spicy soup, the ordinary pork meat becomes extraordinary. Spicy and tender pork, nice~! 

What is steamboat without balls? I saw their "jamping" balls which consists spicy and non-spicy type. Ordered 6 balls with half of each. So it's RM9 for 3 balls which is RM3/pc. That is one expensive ball. 

The waitress recommended the fish egg ball. But I can't decide which to order as I wanted to try their Taiwan Shanghai soup ball too. So the waitress told me that we can mix it around and we took half of each. Nice~!  

Their normal mushroom cost around RM11 if I am not mistaken, so wifey decided to go with their xiangbao mushroom since the price isn't that much far apart. Most of their mushrooms are RM10 and above. Quite pricey. We also ordered Yau Mak which cost us RM10. Yup, pricey pricey even for vegetable. Wifey initially wanted to order their Chrysanthemum Soro but it was sold out (this vege cost RM18). 

First off, the jamping balls. I had something similar over at one of the steamboat restaurant over at SS15 Subang. But this is more packed with pork inside. And you can really feel some water bursting out of it. Nice. The spicy one actually not that spicy anyway. 

Next, is their Taiwan Shanghai Soup ball. It's something like what you have over at Dragon-I but in a smaller mini size. Yes, there are soup being trapped inside where you can drink it. Not bad.  

Last ball of the night would be their fish egg ball. Damn there's a lot of fish roe in there. If you like fish egg, this is a must. 

The Ru-Lou rice was so nice that I decided to go for a second towards the end of the dinner. Yes, I had two stewed pork rice. Both of us was really full towards the end. I know that the amount would be less  than RM150 but I didn't expect to pay for the pocket tissue left on the table together with the eating utensils. But we had a good dinner, and I have RM100 worth of coupons which I bought online. I had 60% discount from the RM100. So in total the bill is RM147.70 but I paid only RM47.70 that night. Add that to the RM40 I paid for the coupons, the dinner amounted to RM87.80. For a steamboat for 2, this is a bit too expensive. But the place is pack with people for a reason. I think 7 out of 10 people dining that night are using coupons or vouchers which they bought online or directly from the restaurant itself. 

Wifey was very delighted and asked me to buy RM500 of voucher next time instead of RM100. And she was lecturing me in the beginning why do I bought so much (RM100) for a steamboat dinner in the beginning. Worth it? Well, I guess it's not your ordinary steamboat dinner and with the vouchers it's quite worth it. Before I leave, they even gave me a 50% discount voucher for my next visit. Goodie~ !! I leave with a full stomach and a happy feeling. What more can you ask for. 

Food: 4.0 out of 5.0 (one of the best steamboat I had) 
Service: 3.8 out of 5.0 (maybe under staff but their waitress are really nice and know how to PR)
Ambiance: 3.8 out of 5.0 (Air condition and although it' steamboat but I don't sweat that much)

Tian Xiang Hui Wei
B-8-2, Sunway Giza Mall, 
Jalan PJU 5/14, 
Tel: 03-2148 2268


Plan B @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

I heard about this place since last year I guess but didn't have the chance to really set my foot there till last week. Decided to give this place a try and luckily my friend knew about this place and the rest is history like they say. Anyway, let me introduce the place first, it's called Plan B. Cool Name~! It's actually under a big umbrella called the BIG Group (another cool company name). 

The BIG Group opened a lot of their flagships around town and Plan B is one of them. They even have their own grocery market called B.I.G (Ben's Independent Grocery) downstairs. So Cool~! You can check out their website here. Now let's get back to Plan B. 

Publika is definitely a unique place cause I can't find the parking and decided to valet park instead. The price is RM10 for the first two hours. I guess it's alright. Plan B is located at Level G2 and it's quite easy to find even if it's your first time over (like me). There are a lot of seats indoor and outdoor.

I especially like the deco on the outdoor which you can see from the picture above. Yup, those are chairs being hung on the ceiling board. Cool~! The place was packed when we arrived and luckily my friend came early and managed to get a table for us. As we are seated, people started to queue outside waiting for a table. Business is really good during lunch hour I guess. Not sure how it goes after office though. 

Ordered a bottle of mineral water. The mineral water is FOC and is bottle in some sort of a medicine type bottle. Good idea. 

As usual, I started off with some mushroom soup before the main course. I was particularly hungry that afternoon so I go ahead with it.  It's either this or Borscht Soup. I am more of a mushroom guy so I decided to go with this. It's actually vegetarian. This is not the best mushroom soup I have, but it's above average I I have to say. Chunk of small mushrooms to bite on really do tickle my fancy. 

My friend ordered their seafood Borscht soup. We did asked the waiter what is the portion of the soup and he did replied us that it's not that large. But this Borscht soup really make up for it's size with it's plentiful of seafood. I think you can order a white rice and take this as your main if you are a small eater. 

Mushroom or Borscht?  

My friend decided to go with pasta and both of us actually saw this dish because of softshell crab in the menu. They do have Carbonara but both of us didn't ordered that (surprisingly). Both of us agreed that this would be the better choice. It's spaghetti in creamy butter sauce but get this, it's tossed together with  chili padi, crispy curry leaves, and chili flakes. Top that with some soft shell crab and you got yourself an Asian style pasta. I don't think everyone can accept this dish as it's some sort like a fusion between pasta and kam heong cooking style. But both of us really dig this. Super creamy and spicy at the same time. Soft shell portion was really generous. And it's freshly fried too. 

So what's for me? I didn't ordered their Carbonara but went with one of their burger. I was reading the details of the dish when I saw one thing that decided it all, onion rings. Yup, I am a bit of a onion ring freak. The dish was really large. Other than the main patty we have french fries and salad at the side. The bun is soft and I think they might be making those buns themselves too. Just guessing here though. 

Look at those juicy beef patty. The cheese on top and three crispy golden onion rings on top. Simply delicious. How do you eat it? This is definitely not an issue for me since it's a burger freak.  Just cramp everything in there, open wide and just sink your teeth in those juicy home-made patty of theirs. Highly recommended. By the way, I didn't even managed to finish the salad off since I was already full. 

The kitchen was neat and clean and well organized. I can see the barista is busy preparing the drinks for the customers and all.   

There's also three big Samsung infinity LED on the wall. But not sure why are they showing 60s Malay movies on and on?! We had a great lunch and saw some cool chicks. What a great place to hang out too. Price might be slightly high but it's fine with me. The bill amounted to $87 in total. $40+ for a lunch? Depends I guess. You can't really set a price tag on good food now, can you? Definitely coming back here again soon. Who am I bringing next round? 

Food: 4.5 out of 5.0
Service: 4.0 out of 5.0
Ambiance: 4.0 out of 5.0 


Tang Shifu @ KSL Mall

Another over-due updates on my food blog. I think this is at least one month old. But I am quite happy to have dine over at this place. So let me share this with my readers here. The place I am referring to is Tang Shifu. This particular branch I went to is located at KSL Mall, JB. Yup, this is on one of my company sponsored makan trip again. It's closed to 9pm if I am not mistaken when we decided to walk in this place. I  saw this place before in the Klang Valley but felt like their food are over-priced and all. So I didn't have the chance to give it a try. I guess now is the best time to try it out then. 

We are served with some appetizer once we are seated. Menu was handed to us to browsed through. Actually the food isn't that much expensive once you think about it. I saw their one of their premium item called Mixed Seafood (which consists of abalone, dried scallop, mushrooms, mussels and many more) is selling at less than rm40. That is affordable. But we didn't go for that as we thought that it's a bit too much for a dinner. 

My friend decided to ordered their Ginseng soup with Chicken. The brown rice is actually a side order of the main dish. The portion is just nice for one person. If you are a small eater, you can even share this with your friend. The soup was nourishing and you can taste the strong ginseng in it.

Decided to order a vegetable and saw this broccoli dish which  looks really nice in the menu. Well, as we all know, what we see doesn't really end up in front of us. This is exactly the case for our broccoli with sliced abalone & scallop. Sounds nice but the picture in the menu does look more nicer than the actual dish. I guess the vege and scallop shrink after they steamed it. Nevertheless this is one healthy vegetable dish. 

Here comes my dinner. Dried scallops with PETITE abalone mixed rich. This dish is totally over-rated from the menu. Everything looks more better than bigger in the menu. hahaha!!!  The mushroom looks bigger too but in reality all had been sliced to bits. It's actually your normal mixed rice but enriched with abalone and scallops. 

  I think they are not kidding when they say PETITE Abalone in their menu. 

Yes, there's more to our dinner. We decided to order this sliced pork. Again the pork sliced looked so mouth watering in the menu. I can accept what we got at the end for this. "Di Huang" should be referring to the sweet sauce which comes with this dish I think. There are four slices of pork per dish. 

So basically you wrapped everything in one slice of cabbage and add in the sauce and give it a big bite. Really juicy but you won't really feel that much of fat from the pork since you are eating it together with the cabbage. Not bad. 

Overall, the visit was pleasant but the food in the menu doesn't really tell the whole story. Maybe their mixed seafood also the same. Will need to verify that on my next visit here. Their soups are really nourishing for male and female. So do give it a try and let me know what you think.

Food: 3.8 out of 5.0
Service: 3.8 out of 5.0
Ambiance: 3.5 out of 5.0 (a fly kept bugging us during our dinner, a bit annoyed)
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