Ruenmai-Thai Restaurant - Krabi Town

This is one of the best seafood place in town, or so I heard. I was amazed with the entrance and the whole ambiance of the whole restaurant when I first set eye on it. It's located nearby the Krabi town. I think most of the taxis or tut tut know bout this place when you tell them the restaurant's name.

We arrived around 7pm and the place was already half full. You can opt to sit under the hut or outdoor. We had choose to sit under the hut as we know that we're gonna be very noisy and don't wanna disturb the other visitors.

This is their local fruit punch. It's filled with watermelon and sodas.

This is one of their curry fish is very famous over there. Actually they mix up our order but this dish wasn't that bad.

This is quick fried morning glory vegetable with oyster sauce. Although it's a normal dish but it's really like home cook meal.

This is one of the 'must' order for this place. This is their Fried Pork with garlic. This dish was so damn nice and delicious. Trust me, this is a MUST order.

This is another must order from the restaurant, which is their crab meat curry. It's not spicy don't worry but just nice.

This is a dish which we order last minute as we wanted some chicken in our menu. So here's the chicken cooked with onion and cashewnut.

Last but not least, we had ordered Seafood Fried Rice to go with all the other dishes. This is the 2nd time we ordered the same dish from two separate restaurant. Both was really good. I think for them this dish is like salted fish fried rice for us over here.

So how much did we paid for the whole meal for 7 pax? Total bill was around 1460Bhat. So it's around RM20/head. Yes it was really that cheap. We have fish, crab meat, chicken and pork and a whole big load of fried rice. If we do not include the water, actually it's just around RM15/head. The food tastes good and the price is affordable. Definitely a must go. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)


Phuket Hotels said...

I want to eat Seafood fried rice.^^

BaBy OcTopUs said...

any where good to recommend? :)

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