Bob's Burger @ Ampang Jaya

After my rendezvous over at OM Burger, I decided to pay Bob a visit at the same night. Yes, if you read my previous post on OM, you know that I had finished off a lamb oblong just few minutes before arriving over at Bob's place. It was quite easy to locate the place since I have the GPS coordinates from online. It's actually located inside Taman Lembah Keramat.

Luckily when I arrived, I am the first in line for the order. Made my order and had a chat with the friendly boss. He is rather friendly and nice to talk with actually. There's a few tables placed outside if you wanna dine in. I was asking  asking for Bob's special and he recommended their rabbit special with cheese and lamb tiesto. I had lamb oblong over at OM but still decided to tried Bob's lamb tiesto since it's recommended.

Here's the price for Bob's complete burger & hot dog. Yes, there's plenty of variates to choose from compared to the usual Ramly stalls. I am actually interested with their triple cheese special but worried that I couldn't finish it off after OM's oblong.

Bob even do delivery services for nearby areas. I remembered it was 50cents previously but since petrol had been increased, so I guess it's alright. 

 The one on the left is rabbit patty while the right is the lamb. Actually this is my first rabbit patty and really looking forward to it.

This is how the base of the lamb tiesto looks like. He is using the hot dog bun and split it open and heat it up. There's the usual lettuce and onions with plenty of BBQ sauce and mayo.

After 5 minutes of preparing the patty, this is how both the patties looks like. The rabbit patty was rather thicker after frying it. Damn it's so mouth watering even right now while I am writing this post while looking at these two patties. Yummy~!

Since I had ordered their special with cheese and this is how Bob does it. The patty is placed on top of the fried egg and cheese laid on top with chili/tomato sauce to top it with. You can even asked for BBQ sauce or mayo instead of chili/tomato. Another good thing about Ramly burger, you can customized. 

This is my lamb tiesto looks like when it's placed on top of the fried egg with cheese on top. Simply delicious. 

Now here comes the best part. Bob will cook the onions with Rochester sauce and pepper before topping it onto the patties. You don't see this kind of preparation anywhere else.  

Lamb Tiesto Special with Cheese - RM5
This is how my lamb tiesto looks like after the onions was laid onto the patty. I had asked for extra mayo and BBQ sauce but you rather not see how the patty looks like after the topping. But I simply love the sloppiness of the whole burger.  The patty is thick and juicy. The onions on top really add a nice touch to the patty.

Burger Rabbit Special with Cheese - RM7
And this is how my rabbit special with cheese looks like before I sink my teeth into it. Trust me, this is one of the nastiest burger I had to date. And it's simply delicious. You can hold on the sauce if you wanted you burger to be nice and all. But like I said, if you wanted something nice and decent, go eat at McD. 

Overall, I liked Bob's burger compared to OM burger but that's just me. Both this stall sells really good local (Ramly) burger. And this is the benchmark for my future Ramly stall all over. Would like to thank Bangsar-bAbE again for the recommendation from her blog. Gonna try to finish the quest for the best Ramly burger on my next visit to Cheras. Hopefully it's gonna be as good as the one over at Ampang. Till then, do let me know if you know any good Ramly burger stalls over at your place or you tried before. 

Rating: Rabbit Burger Special with Cheese - 4.3 out of 5
Lamb Tiesto Special with Cheese - 4 out of 5
Like: Good & friendly service with good food

5, Jalan AU 5C/1,
Taman Lembah Keramat,
GPS Coordinates : N3 12.118 E101 45.278


speedoSTAR said...

Nyum2.. Looks extremely delicious... Gonna try it out..! Thanks cuz..! hehhee...

BaBy OcTopUs said...

yang ini memang terbest sekali cuz ... makan sampai melimpah2 .. haha!

speedoSTAR said...

nampak sangat2 best.. the price pun reasonable.. mmg kena try ni..! hehehe

BaBy OcTopUs said...

alamak, nampak balik gmbr2 ni, rasa2 nak pi makan lagi hjg mggu ni .. haha!

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