Bayu Timor Restaurant & Cafe - Taman Megah

It's not a surprised anymore for those who know that I am not working today due to some unfortunate events. So I got a message from someone asking me out for lunch. Well you know I never reject an invitation for makan right? So I had choose this place called Bayu Timor opposite my place. Saw this place for ages but didn't know what the hell they served and someone did mentioned that the food was safe to try. So we had tried to ordered their Thursday Set Menu which consists of a main course + drinks + soup of the day. And the soup of the day is a mixture of carrot, tomato and a few more vegetable. Both of us choose the Ice Tea rather than the coffee they offered.
Next for the main dish, I had ordered the Chicken Chop with Onion Sauce. Yes, the outlook of the dish looked quite pathetic. So other than the large portion of chicken we do have baked potato, sliced carrots, one small but of broccoli and cauliflower. The chicken was just so so nothing spectacular about it. Except the portion was quite large. What do you expect, it's RM19.90/set.
As for my friend, she had ordered the Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce. The side dishes was the same. Nothing special but the sauce is black pepper (duh). As she didn't managed to finished it, I guess it's not that good either.
And last but not least, the dessert which is a pandan muffin. Texture very dry and not that nice. Not much to tell but it's plain normal. But lunch was just the appetizer, like I said, it's the company that is important. Had a long chat and had some laugh. Good lunch I might say. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

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