Kong Sai @ Bandar Puteri

This place is highly recommended by my colleague. It's located next to Puteri Mart for those who is familiar with Bandar Puteri. The place are selling Steamed Chicken or Choy Yuen Kai. The place is normally packed after 5pm everyday according to my friend and during lunch hour weekends. So I had decided to have a visit and decide by myself. The place is half full when I arrive but was pack after a while. Went through their menu and there were so many food to try out.

This is the main reason why we're here so the chicken is a must. I had ordered the chicken for 2 pax which I regretted later on. The chicken is soft and nice to bite on. I am not a big fan of steam chicken actually but I am willing to try out everything for my readers sake. Portion was really generous for two person.

The chicken is being served together with their blended sauce which consists of garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce and green onion. If you're eating steam chicken, it's always nice to go with a good sauce and this is one good sauce.

This is another favorite dish in the restaurant. It's their pork intestine spicy soup with mushroom. I am not a big fan of pork intestine or any for that matter of fact. So I just drank the soup and ate the mushroom and also pork slices in it. Damn the soup was so nice and spicy too. The taste of pork intestine are so strong in this bowl of soup and it's being served in their clay pot which is able to keep the soup warm for a long time.

This is a new dish which the boss recommended to us. It's a mixture of fish and pork meat being blended together and stuffed with taufu. I was really surprised with the size of each of the mix ball. There are five of them. Other then the fish and pork meat, they also place a lot of green onions in the ball. Very filling dish.

Last but not least, I had decided to ordered some green to go with all the meat. Yau Mak is my favorite greem of all time, well other then Broccoli of course. Nothing special here but a normal plate of vegetable. It would taste better if they added more spiciness in the dish.

The whole lunch cost me RM40 which I think is a bit pricey but thinking of the amount of food which I had ordered, well the lunch could feed 3 or maybe 4 people. The reason was, I forgot that the spicy soup had so much pork and intestine in it. So I was really struggling to stomach the whole lunch down that day. For me, the soup was good, chicken was alright while the other dishes are just compliments. There are other dishes like Pork with Yam and Curry Pork which I would like to try on my next visit. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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