Asian Food House @ Uptown (Revisited)

Had been patronizing this outlet out a couple of time and found that their quality of food is worth mentioning. So for lunch, I decided to give it another try since I am out of idea where to go anymore. Yes, I am lost of words too. Anyway, the place is called Asia Food House which is located at Uptown Damansara. It's at the same row as new the Papa Rich Cafe and and SonyEricsson's service center. You can check out my previous visit here. Place is nice and cozy with more and more patrons since my last visit over. Checked out their menu and saw they had added some additional new food in it but decided to stay safe and ordered something familiar.

This is something new in their menu. This is one of their tit bits. It's actually some home made tofu. To be frank, I was a bit skeptical when the waitress recommended to us. When the dish was served, I was surprised that the size was quite generous. Took a bite and it wasn't that bad. Actually it was really nice. Although a bit pricey but it's something nice to share among few friends before the main. (RM13/plate)

I had decided to go back to the original. So this is the Stewed Pork Rice Set. There is something different from the first time I had. The sauce is thicker and the pork was really soft and juicy. This dish didn't disappoint me at all. The dish come with some stewed bean curd, vegetables and egg. Highly recommended. (RM9.90/set)

For the drink, we had ordered their famous Original Bubble Milk Tea. Trust me, it may be simple but simple is nice in this case. Highly recommended for bubble tea lover. Even if it's you're the first time, I would recommend this. (RM5/glass)

The place also served Korean & Japanese cuisine other then the Taiwanese. The place is always crowded during lunch time as the set they offer isn't that expensive although those Korean and Japanese set does seemed a bit steep for lunch. Still deciding whether to give it a try or not. But again, parking is super duper difficult over there. I double outside while leaving my name card on the windscreen as usual. So you can take the risk or take your luck. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

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