Ikea Restaurant & Cafe @ IKEA Damansara

Got a call from sis before lunch time and it's rare. So have to 747 someone to have lunch with her. She's gonna be a mom in two months time. So don't want her to walk so far away from where she is at that time. And she plans to shop at Ikea the whole day and so I had decided to have lunch at Ikea Restaurant & Cafe. It's been some time since I last ate here. Hopefully their standard of food didn't deteriorate too much.

Checking out the BIG menu outside and decided on what I wanna have this afternoon.

After some discussion among each other, we decided to share a starter and each have our main and sharing our dessert. They even have this luggage cart thingy to carry our food with. This is convenient. Trust the Swedish to think of anything to make our life more convenient.

For starter we had some Garden Salad with thousand island sauce. Portion isn't that large but just enough for both of us to have some light green before the main. It's not super fresh from the patch but it's still alright I guess.

For my main I had ordered their famous Swedish Meat Ball (10pcs). It is served with french fries and also strawberry sauce (I think) for the fries?? You can have an option for 5 pieces and also 14 pieces on the meat balls. It's very pack but I like my meat ball to be a bit soft in the inside and not that dry. Sauce was normal and nothing spectacular. (RM10/plate)

This is the Chicken Leg with Swedish Herbs & Lemon Sauce. It is served with steamed potatoes and sliced carrot. Sis said she had better luck with Nando's chicken. But then again it's totally different with this. The chicken here are more lighter in term of taste and also spiciness of compared to Nando's of course. (RM9.90/plate)

Last but not least the dessert. We had both agreed on their Almond Tart which they name Almondy Daim. It's actually an almond tart with daim, brittle butter almond centred covered with a milk chocolate coating. Wow, it was really nice. The brittle almond was a bit crunchy in between and the milk chocolate coating was just nice. Especially like the later below the coating which oozes out with sweet almond when you sink your teeth into it. Well worth my RM4.90

It was lunch hour and the place was pack. Almost can't find a place to seat in the beginning. At last we found one round table at the corner. It was cozy and have a view of The Curve and we have a long chat with wonderful food. Well not the best food but still like they say, it's not always the food but the company you are with. Not as good as I remembered it would be but people are still going back for it, so there must be some reason in that. Still looking for that 'reason'. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)


Xjion89 said...

halo, dropping by^^
anyway, love Ikea food 2!!!^^

BaBy OcTopUs said...

nice blog you have there. Thanx for the reply. :)

Yes, meatballs are good!!

Anonymous said...

I’ve meant to post about something like this on my webpage and you gave me an idea. Cheers.

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