Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw @ Puchong Utama

I know about this place from an article from a local newspaper few weeks back. Search around the net for the exact location and the rest is history. The place boost of their grilled burger or we local called it Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar. The idea came from two partners namely Nas & Nini. You can check out their FB page HERE. The first stall is located over at Seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju and the one I'd visited would be the second located over at Puchong Utama. I heard that customers lined up for hours to taste the burger. Queuing up for hours for a local burger? For real? 

When we arrived, the place was already pack. The owner is taking orders while the rest of the people are busy at their own station preparing the patties. One guy is busy preparing the patty while there are some who is doing the ingredients and some packing. Look very organized, like McD. 

As you can see, all the workers are wearing plastic gloves, which is very hygienic. 

This is how big the each of the patties looked like before it is grilled. 

This is how the patties looked like after it's almost done. Delicious~ 

The patties is prepare with their special marinated sauce which I think is the one inside the bucket. The patties are stacked together when it's ready and being prepared to be served. 

Let us look at the menu now. I knew that their burger is not cheap but you need to see it to believe it. Me and my friend decided to go with their Single Cheezy Baconizer. I can't imagine paying RM20+ for a local burger since Carl's Jr is charging that but inclusive of drinks and fries. Anyway, we don't judge a burger before tasting it anyway. So we got our number and the boss told us that we need to wait 1.5 hours for it. OMG~! My friend told me it's OK and we decided to wait for it and chat our way through. 

After one hour of waiting our grill burger finally arrived. We were given the wrong burger actually. As you can see, the burger come together with 3 pieces of hotdogs. I asked the boss and found out that it's a set menu. He said it was their fault and we don't have to pay extra for it. Happy~!! We were rewarded for our long wait it seemed. 

I heard that each of the patty weight 175gm. When we take a look at the patty, it's really thick and juicy. The melted cheese on top of the patty and hotdog was such a sight for both of us. The only remarks I could give for the burger would be more salads. The burger focuses more on their patty and cheese but not enough vegetables. I mean it's local burger but I think it would help if they try to make it a tit more healthier. Under that bread there's beef bacon on it. I think you can see there's a small red color meat pocking out from that thick layer of cheese on top. 

The patty is big and juicy. It's really hard for both of us to sink our teeth into the whole thing. Hence they prepared fork and spoon for us. Actually I like to have my burger by getting my hands dirty but since my friend is not into that, I too don't have the mood to go down and dirty with it. Overall the burger is really filling and delicious. Another thing  that they can improve on would be their bread maybe. I think they can have something better than the one they are using now. Worth the RM11.50 we paid? I won't have it on a daily basis but it's truly something different from our local selections. At least now we have an option for grill burger rather then the usual pan fried. 


JLF e-Shop said...


very nice review about our KKBB,

hope to see u again and your review as we had a few new equipment and new stall that might be you new experience with us

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Sycookies said...

Awesome...now they are in puchong.

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