Bread Basket Bakery @ Kota Kemuning

 For those who is living around Shah Alam particularly Kota Kemuning should have tried this place before or at least heard of it. The name of the place is called Bread Basket Bakery. The shop started off selling pastries like bread and cakes and eventually evolved into a cafe and a Chinese restaurant on the top floor. When you entered the shop, it's nicely decorated like a cake shop with varieties of breads to choose from. But there are lots more which they can offer other than just bread and cakes.

 Hot Mochacino - RM 6/cup
Babe ordered their hot Mochacino which is nicely blend. Drink it while it still hot as it gets pretty sweet when it's cold.

Ice Mochacino - RM 6.90/glass 
For an additional 90 cents you get to have the same drink with ice. Actually I kinda like their Mochacino over here as it's quite thick and not those thin layer of powder only. 

 Mushroom Soup - RM 5/bowl
This is one of the best mushroom soup I had in a while. I am not kidding here. It looked like your average bowl of can made mushroom soup but trust me it's really creamy. The interesting part is that, it's not really thick. For those who doesn't like thick mushroom soup but still want that creamy fragrance of mushroom, then this is the one. Add  that crispy piece of garlic bread into it's a perfect appetizer. The taste kinda like Carbonara to me. You had to try this to believe. 

Deep Fried Calamari - RM 8/basket
I am actually contemplating whether to order their cheese baked mussels or fried calamari and since I had tried their mussels before, I go with the calamari. This is good simple dish. The calamari are fresh and not that hard. Freshly fried so it's really crispy. Ask for thousand island sauce to go with it and it's perfect.

 Marinara Cheese Rice - RM 13.90/set 
This is one of the recommended dish in the menu. You can opt for cream or tomato based sauce. As you can see babe had choose tomato base. The rice is topped with seafood and covered with cheese on top. 

 Very cheesy~! They are not stingy in the cheese they are using which is good. But the rice underneath it seemed to be a bit plain as babe complaint that the tomato sauce isn't enough. You have the usual squid, and prawns together with the rice.

Basket Chicken Rice - RM 9/set 
Last but not least my chicken in a basket rice. They should actually called it basket chicken fried rice as the rice underneath are fried. This is my second time ordering this dish as I am so hooked into it. It's actually boneless chicken with cream sauce. The cream sauce are damn milky and nice. Plenty of chicken as you can see as the portion are quite large. Rice are fresh fried from the wok I presume if it isn't, it's still one heck of a good fried rice. This is highly recommended. You have a choice of chicken or fish in a basket. 

The place is packed with customers during lunch hour so better be quick or go after lunch hour. Even dinner time the place is crowded with people. Never really tried the pastries but I did saw people buying them, so it should be good. The set also come with a bowl of soup of the day and also a scoop of ice cream. So for that price, it's damn affordable. The place is Halal, so no problem for our Muslim's friends too. Service is good and the waiters are friendly. (Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0)

Bread Basket Bakery 
No.2, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla Y31/Y,
Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam

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