Restaurant Fu Kua @ Taman Megah

I know, not another bitter gourd restaurant again. But it is. I am so amazed of restaurant owners kept opening this type of restaurant. But I can't blame them since it's so popular. Bitter gourd or Fu Kua (Cantonese) has a lot of advantages.So let's go through them and maybe you will start testing one like I did few months back. Yup, I stayed away from it till last year and now I am a believer. It's said to help digestion and constipation. Some even believed that it cures malaria. It is also a cure for asthma if you mix it with some honey and basil leaf. Yes, I wiki on all of this of course. Let's get back to the restaurant now. The name is a bit lame, Fu Kua. No money for guessing what the place sells right? But it's so popular around that area at lunch hour. It's fully packed when we arrived. Guess, I have to try it for myself.

My friend had ordered their famous bitter gourd soup with sliced chicken, tomato and also pork balls. Yes, pork balls. I totally love this soup. It's so bitter and you must drink it when it's warm. You can also opt for intestines and spare parts which we declined.

Bitter Gourd with Chicken 
All the food are simple but yet the taste are not. It's really tasty and not too salty in this case. The portion was small but still generous on both the bitter gourd and chicken.

Pork Ribs in Salted Egg
This is totally my favorite dish of the day. It's also recommended by my friend. The ribs are tasty and the salted eggs wrapped around the ribs are just so good. Since it's ribs, we can suck on the bones after you finish sinking your teeth on the meat. Juicy babe~

The vegetable (other than bitter gourd) is simple and nice. Sorry but I can never remember the names of all the vegetable. I can only remember Yau Mak and Broccoli only. And yes, those are my favorite green.

Overall, the food are really good and price isn't that expensive too. The whole meal cost me around RM34++. Not that expensive for a lunch with the dishes that we ordered. But make sure to come early to beat the rush hour from the office workers nearby. I heard that their steamed fish are pretty good too. Remember to try that out and let me know how it is. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

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