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I was invited for a surprised dinner over at this small place called Palate Palatte.Com. It's located along Jalan Mesui which is behind Changkat Bukit Bintang. It's a small cozy place with an open concept but no worries as it's air condition inside but you can still opt to dine outdoor. The place celebrated their 4th anniversary on Dec last year. The place 

The place is nicely decorated by an artist called Su-Ann. I read from the website that she graduated from London and came back after graduation. She drawn the whole place like palate hence the name of the place. The place is co-own by her and Paul. You can really enjoy looking at all her arts all over the restaurant.

Since we're waiting for the birthday girl to arrive, we had decided to ordered some food to eat. I had decided non other than fried calamari. Portion is moderate but luckily we ordered another appetizer. A bit too much flour for me but heck,it's fried and crunchy.

Next appetizer would be the usual nachos. The nachos are fresh from the oven as we can still feel the heat. The dipping are really appetizing. There is this sweat and sour dipping so you can choose ever you prefer.

I had ordered their chocolate with vanilla float. This is because their coffee machine was out of commission. Not bad, it's actually quite nice to drink. But I actually wanted to try their mocha.

After browsing their menu, we had decided to order our main. So much to choose from in the menu but we can only order one main so we decided to share around and try it out.

Before the main arrived, we are served with this funny looking bun.

The bun is served together with this margarine cheese like ball. So cute~ 

Let's get into business now. No need to ask who ordered this. Yup it's me. They served fettuccine carbonara with bacon. The cream was a bit too liquid for me in the beginning but it turned thicken towards the end which I like. Although it should be a good plate of carbonara, but I am not sure why it's not.  Maybe it's because of the lack of cheese in the cream.

You know from the name that the dish spells cow. It's actually pasta with cubes of beef in it. The scent is really strong. For beef lover you might love this one. Pretty filling with the amount of pasta and the beef.

The presentation of the dish was so damn shocking. You have a stick poking into the fish with fried sliced potato being put through it. Not really bad, but just your normal plate of fish and chip to me.

It's simple and it's filling too. You have spiced chicken tandoori style. One healthy dish with tender spice chicken breast.  The chicken is properly spiced up and mixed with the dipping on the side, just nice.

The birthday girl had ordered this mushroom cappuccino which is recommended in the menu. Really strange as it's actually mushroom soup but with whip cream on top. Strangely nice~!

This is a bit plain to me. If you wanted something simple and filling, you can try this out. It's like any other fried chicken to me but with mash potatoes and corn on the side. 

Another recommended dish by the chef would be their saffron terrayaki salmon. Looking at it actually give you some fishy idea. haha~! You have two salmon put together which mash potatoes in between and a few slice of vegetable to add some color to it. The salmon was really soft and tender and the sauce by the side did compliment it. 

We didn't really ate much of this actually as we found out that most of us didn't take egg plant. haha~ Even the carrot seemed to be a bit bitter to me. Weird~! 

There's a bar for beer and liquor if you are in the mood. The crowd really comes in around 8-9pm. Luckily we made reservation that night. Food was alright and the service is good. Sadly that the coffee machine was down so we had to walk over to my friend's shop for coffee at Deluca. We had good laughs that night and since it's quite noisy with the music and all, so we didn't felt awkward talking and laughing a loud. Not bad for a night out with friends or a gathering. 

Food Rating : 3.5 out of 5.0
Ambiance Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0
Service Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0

Address: 21 Jalan Mesui
50200 Kuala Lumpur

open everday 12pm-12am
friday & saturday till 2am
closed on mondays


connie said...

i love their nachos as well!...

BaBy OcTopUs said...

didn't have the chance to try that out that night. will definitely try it out on my next trip over .. thanks ya ~

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