Kitchen Creatures @ Center Point

A friend was snapped a picture of her lunch for me few weeks back of this place. I saw this place previously but didn't had the chance to try it out. Feedback was, it's alright. OK, that is good enough for me to go over to give it a try. Since it's located at Center Point, it's just a few steps away from my lunch buddy's office. It was previously Manhattan's Fish Market if I am not mistaken. It's above Starbucks if you are familiar with Center Point at Petaling Jaya. The name of the place is quite interesting, Kitchen Creatures, no frills dining. 

So what does no frills dining means? Well it's actually their concept of serving great food and value for money with no extra charges. In other words, the prices stated in the menu are all nett and tax free. Cause they believe that it's their pleasure to serve and we do no need to pay extra for their services. They served their food with only fresh ingredients set by Creature George with NO MSG. I can say it's true since I don't felt any thirst since lunch. Went straight to the menu which is made out of two piece card paper. How simple and nice. Totally love the motto above, "The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for your steak to cook" by George The Wise. Browsed through their menu and was really surprised with the pricing. It was really cheap. But could the portion be small? 

Monsterised Beef Burger - RM10 nett
Since I am craving for big juicy burgers these days, I had ordered their monsterised beef burger. You can choose chicken if you don't take beef. It's loaded with pickles, onion rings, lettuce, cheese, egg, beef bacon, chicken ham and served with frizzle fries. I was totally surprised with the size of the burger and also the patties. The portion was really generous for the price that I am paying. They even throw in the ham and bacon which I was really happy with. 

A closer view of the big juicy patties. Yes, the patties was really fat and juicy. The bread are freshly prepared as it's still a bit crunchy and not soft. The fries are freshly fried too so you can still feel the crunchiness. The egg makes me felt like it's a big local, like the one we had from Ramli Burger. A nice touch out of it. 

Bacon Carbonara - RM10 nett
They had 8 pastas to choose from their menu which is good. Since I am a pasta lover too. You can choose between bacon or chicken carbonara with the same price. The portion was generous too with the amount of pasta and also bacon. Sauce is rich and creamy the way it should be but lack some herbs taste. It's a good plate of pasta but we had better over at Louisiana. But for the price you're paying, this is really worth it. 

Limey George - RM7 nett
We had browsed through the menu and realized that the drinks are some what pricey. Maybe they are compensating back the price of the food on the drinks. But I am alright with it. We had ordered this creature special drink called Limey George which actually consists of Ribenna, Sprite and Lemon. You can even make this at home but heck, a glass of ice lemon tea already cost RM6, so we ordered this special drink.

The place is divided into two separate section, but I am not sure if the one outside is for smokers or not. But the one we're seated which is inside and next to the windows are really nice. Since the windows are all tinted with blue films (hence the blue colors on my pictures) the ambiance are really calm and nice. Not too crowded during lunch hour, maybe still new? Other than pasta and burgers, they also serve Grilled Lamb, Chicken Cutlet, Fish & Chips, Mixed Grills, Steaks, Sandwiches and Pizzas. Totally love the place as the food are really good and worth the money. Last tip before I sign off, order the tea in a pot and share with a friend on your next trip to save more. (Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0)

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