Ah Loy Curry Noodle - OUG Garden

I had been waiting to blog bout this place for quite some time but I don't seemed to have the time. It's a place located behind Steven Corner. Opposite the petrol station. You can't miss it actually. The place is called Ah Loy Curry Noodle. It has been operating for many of years from Penang. Yes, it's authentic Penang curry noodle, or what they claimed.
The boss is always there and will come over to serve you if he's free. So what do they served other than curry noodle. Well they have Fried Minced Meat (Yong Tau Foo). It's freshly fried and displayed on the tray for you to pick. I had picked a few which I normally ordered. The price for their side dishes ranges from 60 to 90cents per piece. Quite pricey I guess. For the main dish, I had ordered their Curry Noodle minus the bean sprout. There's chicken and some fried bean curd in it. I like it cause the curry is thick and a tit spicy. Just the way I like my curry. The portion was quite large even for a normal size.

The placed also served economy noodles and chee cheong fun. The place will mostly be packed during lunch hour. It's air conditioned thank god. So do drop by this place and try it out if you like curry noodle. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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