Ah Or Pork Noodle @ Sunway Mentari

Just found a new pork noodle house at Sunway Mentari few days back. It was recommended to me by my ex-colleague. The shop is called Ah Or Chu Yuk Fun (a.k.a pork noodle). If you are familiar with the famous pork noodle stall opposite Careffour few years back, then this stall is no stranger to you. It's handled by the sisters from the same stall. The restaurant started operation not too long ago and already there were a lot of loyal customers visiting them.

The two sisters, comprising of the elder one handling the cashier and taking order while the other will be cooking the pork noodle. I had just realized that day that they do have dry pork noodle this time around. Other than pork noodle they also served Bak Kut Teh, stewed pork leg and chicken rice.

But mostly people would come ordering their famous Soup Pork Noodle. I had ordered a large portion for my lunch that day with fresh egg. You can opt for spare parts if you are into it. I had asked for extra fried lard too. Yummy~! Well it isn't as good as the brother who cook the noodle last time but it's close to it. The soup is sweet and nice with the scent of pork in them. Definitely worth a try if you haven't try it before. Although I am not a big fan of soup noodle but for this, I will make an exception. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)


Anonymous said...

The brother shop is at SS15 Pomander pork noodle, behind taylor business school.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Yup, was informed bout that few weeks back too. thanks :)

so how is it? still as good as the last time?

Rebecca said...

I work near Mentari Sunway, only been there twice.

Can't remember the taste of their soup, but just know that they can't handle customizations and had 2 times "lintah darah" experience.

I ordered normal soup noodle + extra veggies = RM4.80 + RM2.20 = RM7.00 where only roughly 10 pieces veggies are added. *sweat somemore the veggies mostly are yellowish ones. when i complaint to the lady, she said it's becoz her maid squeezed into the fridge. Well, her problem, not mine..so disappointed.

my colleague who don't feel like eating meat, she order bee hoon soup kosong + extra veggies also RM7.00. Too much la..

We banned that shop.. if you all go, remember don't order extra or customization.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

oh is it? cause i always ordered standard without any customization. well maybe without the intestine and extra minced pork but still around rm5 or less.

i just visited them 2 weeks back and the brother's shop over at SS2. still alright to me. will let u know once i go over again next week. thanks for the feedback. : )

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