Oriental Banquet @ SS19

Got invited by my ex-colleague to try out this restaurant which has this lunch buffet during the weekends. The buffet cost RM39.90++ and RM59.90++ depending on the type of starter you are having. And in this case the shark fin. The restaurant is located next to the ISS company or more familiar BAT Factory in Section 17. The restaurant is called Oriental Banquet. They actually changed from two different establishment before becoming the current. The place do looked more brighter and also grand than before after the renovation.

So what is available for the buffet? As you can see, the choices are quite wide for the price you're paying. The food mostly are those that you might get from wedding dinners. Now you can eat as much as you can on the food which you prefer during a banquet. The food are warm and they do replenish the tray once the food are almost finish.

Here are some of the small starters and appetizers which you can choose from.

Here are the desserts section. They have the lotus pancake which I really like. They have soup and also coffee/tea for you to drink on the side.

Here is the starter which we had choose, shark fin. It's thick and the amount of shark fin are moderate and accommodating.

This is one of the highlight of the buffet which is their Peking Duck. The ducks are freshly roasted and sliced for us to dine. As usual the Peking duck is accompanied with their special sauce and vege to eat together. Remember you need the onion as it really add a taste together with the meat and sauce.

Here are some of the food which I took which I prefer. My favorite would be the top left grilled pork. My gosh, it's so juicy and the combination of lean and fat pork are really fantastic. I totally forgot how many stick I had that day. Remember to get the chilly paste for all your fried food. It's really nice.

I was busy eating when I heard the Captain said something on the mic, "Come and get your fresh crispy Golden Piglet" OH~! This is good~! So I quickly walked over and queue up for my roasted pork.

This is the size of the Golden Piglet and the chef in action chopping and dividing.

Typically the roasted pig was really crispy but comparing to the one I had over at Grand Imperial few weeks back, this one lose out on the taste and slightly on the crispiness. But nevertheless, it's really good.

After all the fattening and filling luncheon, I'd decided to cleansed it all down with their Soya Bean which I topped it with a scoop of ice cream.

I think for buffet, the most important part is whether the food is worth the money you are paying and in this place, for me it's worth every penny. For RM39++ I can have Peking Duck and Roasted Pork and Shark Fin to name a few. The ambiance is good and clean. A good place to have lunch with parents and friends during the weekend. Another choice for wedding dinner too if you are alright with the location. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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