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For this Christmas dinner this year, the girls had recommended a place called Huck's Cafe which is located at Taman Gasing Indah. I heard of the name before but never really know what they serve over there. So this is a good chance for me to give it a try. Since it's quite recommended by some friends beforehand. The place is located inside a residential area so don't be alarm when you need to get pass a checking point. I am as surprised at that moment too. I was thinking, is Papago GPS'ing me to Holland again or what. It's actually a end lot two and a half storey house. The place is quiet and busy with cars looking for parking as it's a full house that night. Word of advice, car pool.

We were seated at the small reception room (converted) while waiting for our table. Decoration is nicely placed everywhere around the house. We were later guided to the 1st floor of the house where we are seated in a joined table as we have 10 people coming for the dinner. Sadly that the VIP room had been occupied by some other customers. I think we should have the room since we made a lot of loud noises and there's an attached toilet inside. We were quite annoyed that the senior citizen in the room was quite rude to us when we entered the room to access the toilet. Nevertheless, there's an additional toilet upstairs which we can use.

Thanks again to Wannie & Jacq for the home made cookies and also candies for all of us that night. 

They served basil seed mint soda which is really refreshing and good to refresh your taste bud before the main course. The drinks are refillable but it was finished before the end of the night but instead we are served with sour sop juices and plain water.

Actually we had pre-ordered Wild Mushroom soup as it's highly recommended by Jacq and Wannie who had tried the other soups. But sadly we were informed that the mushroom wasn't available that day as they only served two soups which is pumpkin and onion. All of us were disappointed and I did asked Huck about this. He explained that they can't satisfy everyone, so they will go with majority of the customers order and go with that. Well, to me, that defeats the purpose of pre-ordering our food in the first place. Anyway, the pumpkin soup was nice and not too thick. Quite enjoyed it.

Not a really big fan of onion soup. Babe ordered this to give it a try. I think I like my pumpkin more. The soup come with two pieces of bread and topped with cheese. Plenty of sliced onions in the soup beneath all that cheese. Sadly not my bowl of soup.

We had decided to order some main courses to share around since we had ordered two roast chicken for the night. The first main that come is the tomato based lasagna. I am such a fool for Italian cuisine and this is one of them. It's something new as Huck uses a lot of tomatoes in this lasagna as you can see from above. Not too bad. Something simple.

Saw this from their menu in FB and decided that I need to try this out. You have crispy baked fish topped with cheese with pasta underneath. You have most of the combination I like in a food. Pasta, fried fish and cheese. Overall, it's a nice dish to start your dinner with. Make sure you eat it when served, as cold un-crisp baked fish with cheese is not a good combination.

Here comes the main course. It's Huck's No.1 Best Selling Lemon Roast Chicken. We had ordered two sets of this as one whole chicken can feed 4 people. Since we had 10, so we ordered two birds. Yes, we killed two birds in one night. As you can see the chicken is roasted to perfection with the special delicious juices flowing out into the pan. There's a lot of stuff on the side but what I like most is the salted potatoes. Damn I ate so many of that that night. Simply delicious. 

Huck mentioned that he uses a new oven for this round of roast chicken and the result isn't as good as the previous old oven. But heck, we had a good roast chicken that night. So I can't imagine how much better was before. Overall, the lemon roast chicken is a good dish to share around with friends. You can order the 2 pax lemon roast chicken which consists of two whole legs.

Before dissecting the chicken, there's this ceremony of poking the chicken's behind. This is because the chicken's back side is stuffed with this lemon in it. As you can see what I am doing there, I am preparing to poke the chicken when water come bursting out which caught me off guard. Huck told me this is the first time that had happened. Well, must be my lucky night I guess.

Huck has advice us to take all the juices from the pan as it's the essence of the whole meal and he is right. Don't waste a drop of that delicious juices. Just pour it onto the chicken and dig in. Did I mentioned that the potatoes are delicious too? : P

After a long battle with the roast chicken, most of us are 90% if not full. So there's this fresh salad which is really good to slow the pace down. I think all of us agreed that this is one of the best dish that night. Haha! The salad, the dressing, everything is just perfect. A nice and healthy plate of salad.

 Next come a new dish called Sealed wit a kiss. Huck helped us to cut the aluminum foil open to release the strong smell of mushroom aroma into the air. Maybe the air cond was quite strong that night as I can't really smell it but some of the others did. So how's the taste? 

It's called sealed wit a kiss cause the dish consists of 5 different type of mushroom all combined together to create an amazing aroma. The chicken breast is marinated with fresh thyme and white wine. Add that with some potatoes and you sealed it up and you got this dish. The soup was really good as mentioned, it combined all the ingredients above. Something refreshing and new.

At this point, most of us are totally full. But there's still the dessert. So we ordered 3 of their house best dessert to try around. First we have the chocolate mud pie with ice cream. Damn this is so darn filling again. You have oat cookies as based, cashew nut, peanut, Cloud 9, raisin and whole lot of chocolate and top that with a scoop of ice cream. Trust me this is really filling. Something new for me on the dessert list.

Drum roll, their No.1 hot selling dessert (from their FB), the cream brulee. I had this before during my proposal dinner over at Le Bouchon. They will torch the brulee before serving as it will melt the sugar icing on top. Nice dessert. Maybe a bit too sweet for me. But that's just me.

Last but not least, the hot chocolate brownies with ice cream which I think most of us love. The brownies are served hot so that it's soft and importantly melt the ice cream away. This dish is less sweet but totally sinful with a capital S. Totally love this dish but we are all too full that night to really finish it off.

Overall, the dinner was a really satisfying one but we did need to wait for quite some time (1.5 hours) before we are served as the house is packed that night. They only served a maximum of 20 pax a day. Yes, you heard me right. So they can control the quality of their food and also the ingredient stock. They believe that all ingredients must be fresh and prepared on the same day or so. So they do not stock pile their loads. Hence they only take pre-orders from their website. Desserts can be order that night itself, but mains, must be pre-order online. I heard that this concept had been quite famous for some time in Europe and Huck brought this idea back from Sweden (if my memory served me right) and introduces it to Malaysia. 

Jacq told me that Europe is famous for this concept called underground kitchen where the customers will be seated in the kitchen's long table while the chefs create their food right in front of them. Interesting. But I'm not sure if the concept is available over here or not. The whole meal cause us RM68++ that night inclusive of everything. Had a good loud laugh that night and surprisingly we didn't got any complaints from the neighbors. Huck was so nice to come out to have a chat and photo session with us at the end. All in a day work right?

Food Rating: 4 out of 5
Ambiance Rating: 3.8 out of 5
Service Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Address: 26, Jalan 5/58, 
Gasing Indah, 
46000 Petaling Jaya.
Selangor. Malaysia. 
T: 03-7781 2781
SMS: 012 604 8719
FB: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Hucks-Cafe/122362777810506

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