Yummy Duck Roast House @ Kuchai Lama

To be honest I came across this place from the paper I bought this morning. Read half way through and looking at the time, it's almost lunch hour and decided to bring the whole family over to try it out. It's a new (3 months old) restaurant called Yummy Duck which is located at Kuchai Lama (previously the night market place). Arrived around noon and the place wasn't that pack, so I was thinking if it's really as good as it's said it would be. Nevertheless, I never judge a place just on what I read. So I give it a try and see how it goes.

 From what I read, the place is headed by it's director William Low and his older brother Kang Man. The former 41-year old started his food business as a commis in Regent Kuala Lumpur's Lai Ching Yuen or formerly known as Grand Millennium. He came out after two years of working with Chef Mak Thong and started off his first chicken rice stall near the Sentul market and finally ended up here after persuasion by the siblings. As the name goes, their roast duck would be the main attraction of the place but in reality people prefer their roast pork or siew yuk more.

As you can see, they served roast duck, pork, siew yuk and sliced Chinese sausage. I am not sure if they have roast chicken or not as I didn't ordered any. So let's get down to business now.

Spicy Minced Pork Pure Egg Noodle - RM 8.80
Babe wanted to try out their spicy minced pork egg noodle and the portion was really generous. It may look simple but the chili paste which they used for the noodle is not that bad. A bit oily but other than that, it's alright. As mentioned, the noodle are all imported in from Hong Kong and not made locally. So do try it.

Combo Pure Egg Noodle - RM 11.80 + RM2.80 (extra noodle)
I think this is a must order if you wanted to try out all their best roast duck and pork in the house. As you can see the portion of the noodle is really plenty as I had ordered double noodle or 'ma mee'. The waiter confirmed with us twice before he bring in the plate and I know why. Cause it's really a lot. The noodle is very tangy and not too soft and it's so thin. The noodle is really long and look uncut in between. So it's really good.

Roasted Pork Shoulder or Char Siew
Let's go into detail of the combo plate. The char siew is my favorite actually from the three. It's covered by caramelized soy coating and also the texture is so tender. I specifically ordered half lean and fat and that is what I got. Superb. Gonna be back again to try it out with plain rice next time.

Roast Pork or Siew Yuk
As I mentioned earlier, they are famous for their roast pork so I was really eager to try it out. It's not bad but maybe not as good as described. But still above average portion of roast pork. The upper layer is crispy and the salty part of the pork is marinated nicely. This is because the cook had to control the fire during the preparation nicely. As over heat will make the skin turn black and under cook will make the pork tasteless.

Roast Duck
As for the roast duck, it got the thumbs up from my SIL and babe. Strong scent of five scent and garlic powder and lam yue (red preserved bean curd) which is the base ingredients. The salt which makes the skin crispy plays a crucial part during the preparation too. So at the end, a yummy plate of roast duck.

 Dumpling in Soup
We had ordered a side dish to go with the noodle too. Their dumplings are really large and the prawn meat inside was really fresh and you can really taste the prawn inside. As I had tried some which you can't even tell if it's prawn or pork or whatever inside. Not bad. Their deep fried silver fish, soft shell crabs and chicken wings stuffed with glutinous rice are some of the popular ones over there.

At the end of our lunch, the place was totally pack till the outside. Both the brothers are preparing non stop inside the counter chopping the roast pork and duck for all the customers. Business is really good. The price isn't that expensive actually if you think of it. I mean RM11.80 for a double portion pure egg noodle with roast duck, pork and char siew. Do try the place out if you are around the area. I will definitely be back to have lunch one of this day with my lunch kakis. (Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0)

 Address: Yummy Duck - Roast House
9, Dinasti Sentral,
Jalan Kuchai Maju 18,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
Contact: 03 - 7981 6299
Business Hour: 11am to 10.30pm


Anonymous said...

Lovely food. Tried that duck and goose and the duck is surprisingly yummy!! Thumb up!!

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