Langat Fishing Seafood @ Hulu Langat

This is my second visit to this restaurant. This is definitely not an easy place to locate. It's located at Pekan Hulu Langat. You have to travel a short distance of jungle like trail before reaching the restaurant. But once arrive you can see a lot of big luxury cars park in front of the restaurant every night. The restaurant is called Langat Seafood & Beer Garden. They are famous with serving fresh seafood everyday. Walk in the entrance and you will see pictures of recommended dishes on the wall with some other pictures of famous celebrities who visited the place.

Herbal Chicken - RM28/half chicken
This is one of the recommended dish of the place. It's basically their version of herbal chicken wrapped in paper. Damn the chicken was so soft and tender with the soup being so tasty and all. This has to be one of the best herbal chicken I had. We had half a chicken that night. And it was large. Totally love this dish. We asked for a large spoon to finish off the soup at the end.

Sliced Fish in Kong Pow - RM38
I am not sure how to translate the name but it's called Sang Yue in Chinese. They have this special fish that night and the lady recommended it to us. Portion was really large but most important the fish were really fresh and soft. There are dried chilies, cashew nut, onions and capsicum. You might think it's a bit steep for the dish but it's really worth every penny of it.

Special Bean-Curd - RM10
The portion wasn't that much actually. As what other restaurant did on their house bean curd, this is too the same. They blend other bean curd and ingredients together and cooked it together. Nothing special here. But for the price, it's quite cheap though.

Paku in Belancan - RM10
This is one of their famous vegetable in the restaurant too. But it was a bit disappointing to us. The vegetable was alright but the dried prawns was too little to accommodate with the generous amount of belacan and vegetable.

At the end of the dinner, the place was packed by customers. The food was definitely worth the journey for me. Other than what I'd ordered on top, they are also famous for their fish head, pork knuckle and frog (tin kai). But mostly are fresh fish. Try to order some other vegetable and bean curd from the one I had ordered as it's not really that good as said. Definitely be going back some day with my family most probably as it's too far to bring my friends. I think they go crazy when I tell them how far it is. But for me, there are no far places where I won't go for good food. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

Address: Langat Seafood & Beer Garden
Lot 100, Jalan Sungai Sop,
Batu 14, Pekan Hulu Langat,
Selangor D.E
Contact: Mr. Chen Heng Keong (019-228 6037)
03-9021 7215 / 7216
Business Hour: 11.30am to 11.00pm
with Every alternate Tuesday off

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