The Pagoda Restaurant & Bar @ Bukit Tinggi

Babe had always wanted me to try this place out for some time but I always think that Thai cuisine are always meant to be enjoy with a bunch of friend cause you can order more and try. So the occasion came few weeks back when a some friends decided to have their birthday over there. The place is located opposite AEON Bukit Tinggi over at Klang. It's behind the main row facing the road. It's a corner lot, so you won't have a tough time finding it.

The owner was really friendly as some of us had patronized the place a few times already. But we had 10 people for that night's dinner and decided to asked for the owner for recommendation. So he had recommended us the followings for our dinner. Since the birthday boy had sore throat that day so we decided to go with something light. But then again it's Thai cuisine, so it's really weird not to order their specialties. So we decided to order two different soups.

The twin tom yum soup which  are the favorite over there. We can't choose so we decided to ordered both. Problem solved.

Clear Tom Yam Chicken Soup - RM22
This is the tom yum soup with chicken which as you can see is not spicy. But the taste is still very appetizing and a bit of spicy. I am not a big fan of tom yum soup actually so this isn't my bowl of soup for that night.

Spicy Tom Yam Seafood - RM25
Look at those mad red color of the soup and you know this is one hell of a spicy tom yum soup. This is rather better compared to the first as we ordered seafood tom yum. Definitely a must order for tom yum soup lover.
Thai Curry & Egg with Squid - RM20
This is really good. It's actually cooked squids with eggs mixed together.OK, it might look disgusting at this point but trust me it's good. Worth ordering.
Seafood beancurd on Hot Plate - RM16
This is the only bean curd of the night. It's actually a mixture of seafood with Japanese bean curd on a hot plate. There's plenty of prawns, squids, fish balls, green peas, carrots and if I am not mistaken cubes of luncheon meat. Nothing really special here but it's recommended and not half bad but nothing to brag about either. 

Thai Style Planta Squid - RM20
This is another must order dish. Who doesn't like fried planta with squid. I think most Malaysian like their food fried. High in cholesterol maybe but heck it's good. The first dish that we clean up that night. 

Pandan Leaf Chicken Wrap - RM30/6pcs
We ordered two set of these pandan chicken. This is really good. The taste and scent of pandan leaves really do sips into the chicken. Totally love this dish. A must order over at this restaurant.

 Deep Fried Fish with Chili - RM35
OK, the outlook of the fish isn't the best I had. But the sauce on top wasn't that half bad. Fish is served fresh from the cooking pan and it's best served with tom yum sauce on top. The meat is so tender and soft. A bit waste for the fish to be fried but this is one of their specialty anyway. Isn't the best I had but worth a try.

Baby Kailan wit Salted Fish - RM15
Nothing much to talk a bout here. It's fresh or it's not and in this case it's alright. At least it's not too starchy.

Kangkung with Belacan - RM9.50
I love this vegetable dish every time. It's kangkung with belacan. The vegetables are fresh but sadly belacan isn't as good or spicy as I thought it would be. A bit of disappointed. But still a good dish to order if you're there.

Overall the dinner was alright with plenty of food for all of us. Expensive? Well, OK I guess. There are hits and misses but I can accept that. I mean, you can have a perfect dinner with all the dishes being 100% and all, or could you? I mean for the price I am paying, I am quite satisfied with it. Not the best Thai cuisine I had but still worth a try if you are looking for some Thai cuisine around that neighborhood.

Food Rating: 3.8 out of 5
Service Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Ambiance Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Overall Rating: Average with nothing too fancy. 

Address: The Pagoda Restaurant & Cafe 
42, Jalan Mahogani 1, 
Bandar Botanic
Tel: 03-3325 8020

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