Pasta Zanmai (September Special) @ 1Utama

If you had been following my blog, you should have guess that I am totally in love with this restaurant. It's Pasta Zanmai at 1Utama. I think I had visited this outlet more than 6 times this year alone. Reason was that the idea of fusing Japanese Cuisine & Italian Pasta together sounds so delicious. I can say that either you love it or hate it period. For me it's the first as you can see. So what's new? They have this September Special on their menu. So I had decided to try some out.

Mini Teriyaki Chicken Pasta
Portion wasn't that large but it's quite simple. The teriyaki or grilled chicken was really juicy and tasted really nice. The fresh egg on top of the chicken will mix together with the pasta underneath. Taste was a bit plain but the chicken was good.

Mini Scallop Pizza - RM22
Totally love their pizza in the restaurant. This is my second dish. What? Another dish? Yes, that is the September Special is all about. The dish isn't that large but you can try both this dish for the price of one. The pizza is super crispy and the sauce and scallop was really delicious. Mix that with some thousand island sauce on top and it's perfect. Totally love this dish.

Mini Vegetable Soup Pasta
This is their another mini set which consist of this soup pasta and katsu curry rice. The portion was moderate but accommodating. Remember there are two main dish with this set. The soup was really refreshing together with the crab stick, egg plant, mushrooms and some lettuces. Nothing spectacular but just a refreshing vegetable soup pasta.

Mini Chicken Katsu Curry Rice - RM22
This is the second dish together with the soup pasta. I was really taken aback from the portion of the dish. It was really generous and trust me it's really filling at the end of the dish. Their curry was really tasty but not too powdery like the one I had from Genki Sushi. The chicken was freshly fried but a bit oily though but then again it's crispy. This combo are really filling.

For their September Special, they also offer Mini Grilled Chicken Spicy Pasta & California Tortilla Roll, Mini Fried Prawn Sesame Sauce Pasta w& Mini Roasted Eel Rice & Miso Soup, Mini Salmon & Salmon Roe Pasta with Mini Grilled Beef Rice & Miso Soup. All of the mini sets cost the same, RM22. Their dessert of the month would be their Crepe with Mango Ice Cream & Fresh Mango (RM8). I am waiting what are they gonna offer for the month of October and am looking forward to it. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)


Aleximon said...

yes, i love pasta zanmai !

Anonymous said...

let me know if they still have this menu next month if you go over :)


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