The Burger Shop @ Subang Jaya SS 15

Well since I am on roll with the burger theme this month, I might as well post this one up first before my Thai cuisine post. The next in line after Ampang's Bob and OM Burger, it's back to my neighborhood, Subang Jaya. This particular shop had been operating over at SS15 (outside the market) since my college time and it's back in the 90s. You can't miss the stall as it's parked at the edge of the market opposite the cyber cafe and it's a bright yellow truck. Trust me you can't miss it. Or you can always look for a bunch of people standing next to the road side for the stall.

This is the menu on the burger shop. Went through the menu and decided to give their Oblong Lamb Special with Cheese. The other reason why I choose the lamb is because I'd tried both OM & Bob's lamb tiesto and wanted to give it some sort like a benchmark of the same food. I am particularly interested in their mushroom hot dog. Maybe on my next round.

Now this is the main chef who is in charge of preparing the patties. Since the demand are high, he pre-prepared the patties on the side before reheating them again. This method seemed to be the same with OM actually. I had actually ordered a chicken double cheese special but changed to the lamb when I saw it on their menu. The girl was so nice to changed it for me even though he had already cooked the patties. The oblong lamb was cut into half before being wrapped by an egg. It's very different from the one prepared by both OM and Bob. Well, we will need to see how it goes with the taste now, don't we.

See the stock? They are well prepared. I mean, looked at those patties and cheese in the boxes. They can sell a lot of burgers in one night. I didn't managed to get the number but I guess over a hundred or so from the number of customers I saw during that 10 minutes. There's only one brand and it's Ramly, our local favorite.

All their ingredients are prepared fresh on the spot. You have cabbages, cucumbers, onions, mushrooms, capsicum and of course cheese. You have the usual choice of tomato, chili, BBQ, mayo and thousand island sauce. On the side, they sell drinks too as you can have your burger and wash it down with a can of cold drinks or mineral water.

Now here's my oblong lamb patty. Clearly it's being wrapped with an egg and before it's being place onto the bun, it's being laid onto this tray. For me it's a bit let down since I like my patty to go directly to the bun and not anywhere else. Doesn't really looked super delicious to me from that sight but as always we don't judge our food by it's out look.

After 'dressing up' my patty, it is laid onto this plastic container. My friend said it looked like a sandwich. Well, how I wish our sandwich looks like this. This is a good and hygienic way to pack the patty and not to mentioned won't de-figured the whole bun.

Oblong Lamb Special with Cheese - RM6.50
Walla~ Here's my oblong lamb special with cheese. The cheese is laid on the patty as you can see above. It's not the same way like Bob did which is placing the cheese on the patty during preparation and wrapping it with the egg. The cheese is cut into half before laying it on top of the patty and melted on it. Looks delicious from here. You have the usual BBQ sauce, thousand island, onions and tomatoes on the patty. Definitely one good piece of patty. But overall it still not as good as OM and Bob for me. What I can say is it's better than your average patty but not the best I had.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5
Like: Hygienic and nicely wrapped on a plastic container. 
 The Burger Shop 
Jalan SS15/8A
Subang Jaya
GPS Coordinates: 3.074235, 101.587110

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