Italiannies Resaturant (Lunch Set) @ 1U

Italiannies had brought me some mix feelings from fabulous pasta to disappointing tasteless lunch. So when I was passing though the place during lunch hour I thought to give them another try since they are doing this lunch promo set. The set come with soup of the day, bottomless drink and also range of pasta to pizza which you can choose from. Price range from RM13.90 to RM 39++ for something larger.

I had choose their Mushroom Soup to warm up my tummy. From the looks of the soup, it was really worth trying but looks could always deceived us. And this is especially the case. It was not that thick for one and I couldn't really taste the mushroom at all. Although there are a few slices of them in the soup but it doesn't help at all. Although it's mass product but I guess this is rather disappointing.

There are a range of pasta to choose from and I had choose their Sausage Carbonara which is new in their menu. It is chicken sausage meatball tossed with Alfredo sauce over Linguine pasta. For one it's a bit confusing as it written Carbonara but it's actually Alfredo sauce. It might look the same but the taste is totally different for one. Portion was just moderate. Meatballs was really small and hard. It was really dry and when we added the extra cheese on it, it was practically impossible to swallow. One of my friend even opted to splash some Tabasco sauce into her plate of pasta.

This is their Penne Bolognese. It's actually meat sauce served on a plate of penne pasta. Like the name goes, it's really that plain and simple. Pasta was a bit cold and the sauce was really plain. My friend didn't really finished this plate of pasta I think. Rather disappointing. I mean although it's a set lunch meal, but they should really put more effort on them. Although the management had change from what I had saw, and it the service seemed more professional but I can't say the same on their lunch meal though. Maybe their main course taste better I guess.

Wash all of those dried pasta with a glass of bottomless ice lemon tea. Now this is one of the good thing bout place is that they served bottomless drinks similar to Chillies. Lunch wasn't as good as we expect it would be. I think we would get something better at Pizza Ria at SS2 with the price we're paying. And definitely the soup would be better. But the environment here is better though. Hopefully their dinner sets are better than this. As I will be going back again next month for dinner with my babe. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)


Anonymous said...

No no no, i finished it all. And i would say the Penne Bolognese was really tasteless.

Hope they will do something about it.

~Your Fren~

BaBy OcTopUs said...

My fren,

Is it? I thought you were playing with it all the while. LOL!!!

But now I had worst Cabonara than the one I had at Italiannies. *read new post*

Anonymous said...

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