Louisiana Resaurant @ Plaza Kelana Jaya (2nd Visit)

This is my second trip over to Louisiana (not the State) within a month. My first visit was with ex-colleagues for some All-You-Can-Eat Pasta during lunch hour and this time around was for my friend's birthday. Heard that their ala-carte tasted quite alright. So I had recommended the venue for the special day. Arrived around 7pm and I had wanted to sit out door to view the lake and water fountain (minus the fountain) at the middle of the lake. Crowd started to pour after 8pm and we noticed that at least 4 table of patrons are celebrating someone birthday that night.

Carribean Sea - RM 36.90
This appetizer is some sort like Chili's Triple Play or Three For All from TGI Fridays. This is not bad as they consists of 4 different seafood. It's a combination of cheese baked mussel, fried shrimp, fried calamari and fish fingers. This is really nice and the portion was alright. We all know why Chili don't have a four dish appetizer cause or else they need to name it Four Play (foreplay) which sounded a bit obscene. LOL!!!

Forest Wild Mushroom Soup - RM 10.90
The soup is loaded with lots of mushroom and is accompanied with a slice of garlic bread on the side. The soup is warm and not too thick. Taste was alright but was a bit disappointed as it was a bit watery at some point which means it wasn't that fresh I think. A bit too pricey I guess for a bowl of mushroom soup for me.

Spaghetti Carbonara - RM 27.90
The sauce was really thick and creamy which I like. Lots of sliced chicken on top with mushroom, herbs and spices garnishing on top of the pasta. If you fancy something else other than spaghetti, well they only serve that and penne. So there's no fettuccine in this place. A bit pricey but quite worth the money. For those who like Carbonara as I much as I do, you can have a try at this.

Louisiana Shrimp's Scampi - RM 26.90
First, sorry for the bad quality of picture as it was quite dark that night. But trust me, this looks better in reality. It's chargrilled large shrimp sauteed with cajun spice, lemon juice, roasted garlic and pasley. Shrimp was fresh and large too. Pasta tasted nice with a taste of cajun spice and a bit lemon taste. If you like something from the sea and a bit of spice and sour in it, this is your dish.

Chicken of Alabama - RM 23.90
Was recommended by the waitress as I was deciding between this and their chargrilled cajun chicken. This is actually deep fried chicken chop with rich creamy sauce sauteed with assorted vegetables with fries and green salad at the side. Fries is a bit cold but not all that bad. Chicken is warm and still crispy with thick creamy sauce which I like. Portion was moderate, just enough for dinner. Like the sauce but would be good if there were some coleslaw at the side too.

Chicken Cordon Bleu - RM 27.90
As the name shows, and I think most of you had tried it some where before, it's cheese wrapped with ham in chicken breast. It's deep fried on the outside and spread with special cream sauce over a mashed potato. Not every like this dish. Some said Secret Recipe served a better choice. As they used breast over here, it's more healthier but not everyone like breast meat. And the cheese isn't flowing out from the chicken when you slice between the chicken which is quite disappointing. But the cream and potato was quite alright.

Overall the dinner was alright. Nothing over the top but not too disappointing. Ambiance was really nice and quite windy as we're seated next to the lake. A good place to escape from the busy traffic of life and enjoying a quite dinner with friends and love one. They served Hoegaarden at this place too and the price for a full pint is just RM26 which is cheaper than what we had at Brussels previously. Tried their brownie with ice cream which was nice too although the brownie wasn't heated up to perfection. Will I return? Yup, one of these days with my babe. As I like the environment, service and also quality of food which they serve. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0) Extra points for the environment.

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