Meng Kee Char Siew @ Jalan Alor

Just to summarize my Char Siew expedition, I had finally arrived back at Meng Kee. But this time around they had moved to Jalan Alor from Tengkat Tong Shin. Luckily a women was giving away fliers regarding their move this new location or else it will be another waste of time traveling down for me. Surprisingly, my Papago was giving me the right direction but on the wrong direction, so I didn't take note of it. It is now located inside Restaurant Reunion Seafood which is located opposite Wah Chai Chicken Wing and next to Nova Hotel. 

As usual, they occupied a small stall but the all the customers in the restaurant only ordered their char siew. They serve char siew, roast chicken and steamed chicken only. But again, all the customers only ordered their famous char siew. Comparing to the one over at Shah Alam, this is way smaller in term of size.

Since I came alone, I had ordered a single pax char siew. Actually I intended to order additional portion but decided to order their bean sprout instead to try. I had specifically ordered half lean, half fat and the end portion. For me that is the best part of char siew for me. You get the over burnt with that extra sweet mixture of fat and lean meat. The pork seemed normal but once you sink your teeth into those shinning pork, you will taste some special herb type taste from the pork. Really amazing. I really hope that I can return and taste it again really soon. 

The lady was so nice to get a single pax steamed bean sprout for me. Nothing special just your average bean sprout but something I like bout this dish over here is that the fried minced garlic on top. It's really tasty. You have that crunchy bean sprout mixing with that crispy garlic, nice. 

Overall, the I had a really nice dish over here and as I mentioned earlier, I had finally finished my char siew adventure. Anyone out there can recommend me new places where you can get good char siew, do drop me a reply. I had tried Meng Kei over at Shah Alam but I think the one over at Jalan Alor is slightly better. (Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0)

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