El Toro Butchery & Grill Restaurant @ Subang Avenue

Yet another new butcher shop had made it's way to Subang. No I am not talking about the market's butcher shop but an actual steak house of course. This new place is called el Toro or The Bull in Spanish (Yup, I google that up) is located at Subang Avenue next to Taipei Taipei Restaurant. Saw this place as it's next to my usual hang out place after gym. So decided to give this place a try since I wanted to beef up yesterday night. OK, that was corny. Parking is free of course at the basement or you can park outside and risk being summon by the local authorities. Your choice. They have in door and out door sitting so you can choose to chill out outside while enjoying your meal. I think you can even order beer from next door since I saw a customer ordered it during my visit. 

I'd decided to sat outside to enjoy the view of traffic building up while waiting for my friend. Once seated the waitress placed this three bottle of sauce on the table. Yeah, they have BBQ sauce and mustard. Went through their menu and realized that their specialty would be their Australian (HALAL) beefs and also Burgers. 

Decided to ordered a bottle of ice lemon tea while waiting for my friend. Well, I have to say this is my first time having ice lemon tea from a bottle. The bottle was really nice and cute. 

After browsing the menu, I had decided to try one of their recommended burger from the menu. Since my friend had decided on lamb, so I ordered their beef. The meal came around less than 10mins which is reasonable fast. As you can see, the set is quite simple with fries on the side. It's freshly fried so it's still crispy. Salt are added by ourselves, so you can decide your level of saltiness. The patty is not that massive but do pack a good one inside. It's really pack but still spills some juices inside although I do prefer it to be more juicier. But I can live with this. They blend their own patty if I am not mistaken so this is really good. Beef bacon is a bit salty but I am alright with it. This is really a good patty although not the best I had but still above average. 

Finally my friend's lamb burger arrived. The patty was really juicy even from the picture above. According to my friend, it was really good and filling too. My friend didn't even managed to finished the bread off as it was too much. I didn't have a try out of the lamb but from my friend's feedback and expression, I know it was good. For the price we are paying I am really satisfy with the quality and quantity of food that we are being served. 

I was surprised when I saw the bill as it was RM40 for all of the above inclusive of tax. Then I'd realized that they had a special 20% discount for all dine-in. Not sure when the promo gonna end but I am definitely going back again for lunch with my lunch buddy since she's such a sucker for juicy patty like me. They also served side dishes like potato salad, soups, fries and beef rolls to name a few. Other than beef they do served pan fried salmon in Teriyaki sauce. Their specialty would be steaks, ribs and lambs of course. You can choose from Wagyu rib-eyes or sirloin which goes from RM50-RM55/100g. They also served black angus rib-eyes and sirloin for RM25/100g. I also realized that they served grainfed & grassfed rib-eyes and tenderloin and even Premium ones too. Wow~ That is a lot of selection. As mentioned earlier, their beef flew in from Australia from what I know. So do drop by and give it a try and let me know how it goes. 

Service: 4.0 out of 5.0
Ambiance: 4.0 out of 5.0
Food: 3.8 out of 5.0

El Toro Butchery & Grill
SG-07, Subang Avenue, 
Persiaran Kemajuan SS16, 
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5611 7713

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