Tian Pin Ge Ge @ Kepong (2nd Visit)

This is my second visit to this place. It was because my friend's gf wanted to have some dessert after our rendezvous at Petaling Street. The place is located behind HSBC after you pass by Carrefour on your right.

Babe again ordered their Mango Rolls. It is as good as the first time we taste it. Cold and nice. Not too sweet but just nice. (RM8)

This is their Pomelo and Sago in Mango sweet soup with ice-cream. The combination of the slight bitter of pomelo and the sweet mango and ice cold ice cream was just nice. (RM10)

This is the Mango Glutinous Rice Rolls which supposed to be cold in the inside while the glutinous outside wrapping it should be warm. It wasn't that cold this time around but still a nice dessert as the mango was fresh. (RM7)

I forgot the exact name but it's actually some sort of coconut pudding. This is really nice as the texture isn't that soft and not that hard but just nice. And it's not that sweet too but still maintaining the taste of the coconut.

Last but not least one of my favourite dessert over there, which is a combination of Black Pearl Sago with Mango, Banana and Longan with grape seeds. After tasting this dessert, you won't be tasting the other dessert anymore as it's so full of sweetness. A bit filling for me. (RM12)

D-G-6, Jalan Metro Perdana 3,
Taman Usahawan, Kepong ,
52100 Kuala Lumpur

Contact: 03 - 6251 0209
Operating Hours:
11.00am – 12.00midnight


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