Fried Chicken @ Jalan Pasar

Someone once told me that I can practically eat anything fried. I told them, "You are DEAD RIGHT!" So the place or stall which I am gonna introduce is located off Jalan Pasar. I had visited this place numerous time but didn't have much chance of trying this stall up. Why? Cause the queue was really long.

So what is the buzz all about? Fried Chicken of course. I am not sure why are there so many people queuing up for their fried chicken and I am determine to try it out. I arrived early and managed to buy some to try it out with my babe. All of their chicken are freshly fried over at the stall. The hired Indonesian lady asked what I wanted and I had ordered their famous Large Drumstick, Chicken Breast and Fried Chicken Liver. They even served French Fries, fish ball and other fried food in sticks.

So this is how all of them look like after being chopped up. So how does it taste? Well it's crispy and it's really felt like home fried. Really felt like one of those cook by my grandma. The chicken are juicy and tender. I had even tried the fried liver even though I don't take any of them previously. Why? As I mentioned earlier, I will practically take anything that is fried. It's not extraordinary but it's above average. I am still wondering what is the buzz about after eating this. Maybe cause it's freshly fried? (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

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