House+Co @ Bangsar Shopping Complex

I saw this shop or rather restaurant on my last visit to Grand Imperial which is just opposite it. From outside it's a furniture shop as the name goes, Home+Co. You can see a lot of furniture and decorative items being displayed upon entering the place.

Once you go further in, you will notice that there's a restaurant in it. This is definitely an interesting restaurant. So I had called upon my new lunch buddy, K-Bear to try out this place. She was happily to obliged since she is alright with anything. :P We checked out their menu and it contains some local foods and also western too.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup - RM15/serving
For starter, she had ordered their roasted pumpkin soup. Nothing is better than a hot warm pumpkin soup served together with a roasted garlic bread. The pumpkin soup is topped with cream, nutmeg and pepper. The soup is thick just the way I like it. I am starting to like pumpkin soup after a few good encounters and this is one of them. At least now, I can order pumpkin soup rather than just mushroom every time.

Fish + Avocado Cheeser - RM24/serving
The women is contemplating between a few sandwiches in the menu and I had  suggested this for her. Actually I wanted her to try the pineapple+banana+cheese but she declined to 'experiment'. The sandwich is served with pan fried grouper, avocado, butter head lettuce and cheese. It's also served with a big piece of watermelon on the side and fresh salad.

As you can see the grouper and cheese are oozing out from the two piece of bread. This sandwich is really filling after finishing the pumpkin soup.

Nasi Lemak - RM24/serving
Finally my nasi lemak arrived. I saw one of the customer having this on my last visit and that day and decided to try it out. I am really hungry that afternoon, so this is just the right dish for me. I am really astonished when the waiter placed it in front of me. This is the most expensive plate of nasi lemak I had in my life. I mean, RM24 for a nasi lemak. This doesn't need to be only good, but really good.

The nasi lemak main attraction would be the massive amount of beef rendang served on top of a banana leave. When I said, massive, I do mean a lot. It's like a serving for 2 or maybe 3 people. The beef are really tender and warm. This is some really good beef rendang.

The nasi lemak also come with the usual cucumber, eggs, peanuts, anchovies and an addition of green too. The cucumber are served fresh and I do mean fresh like cut and served when needed. Even the anchovies are freshly fried before serving. I am really amazed. The vegetable are fresh and not too bitter. Love it.

The portion of rice is generous and really nice. It's warm when being served to me. It's not sticky and as you can see the rice are piece by piece apart. Just perfect. The sambal wasn't that much and nothing special bout it. But you should be busy with the beef rendang the whole meal to worry about this. Simply delicious.

Overall, the lunch is really good and I am 100% satisfied with the amount of money I am paying for the nasi lemak. I know RM24 is a bit steep for a plate of nasi lemak, but then again, you will need to consider the place and also the quality of the dish and not just the size or portion itself. There are also western dishes like pasta which I wanted to try on my next visit. Although this is the most expensive plate of nasi lemak I had to date, but I am a satisfied customer at the end. (Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0)

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