Restaurant Beggar's Chicken Bukit Jugra @ Banting

Received a call from babe on Thursday asking me if I'll be free for dinner with her family this Sunday. The venue is the famous Beggar's Chicken at Banting. I straight away say Yes and the rest was history. Took me around 1 hour from Bukit Tinggi to arrive at destination. It was an old house cum restaurant opposite a Chinese Temple.

Straight away went into the area where they prepare the famous Beggar's Chicken. As you can see from the pictures above, there's a lot of clay and charcoal involves. All the chickens are arranged in order underneath all the clay. There's a stack of charcoal inside the room and also some mud to wrapped the chicken in. It takes around 2 days to prepare so we had pre-ordered on last Friday.

First that come on the table is the Famous Beggar's Chicken which we all been waiting for. There were more than 20 people so there's two big table with 3 chickens. The chicken was really moist and the scent of the herbs they utilized are strong. Mental note, quickly finish off the chicken as it is not that tasty once it gets cold and dry. But to me it's nothing much different from the herbal chicken wrapped we all eat in the pasar malam. But that is just me.

I heard that the beggar's chicken had involved into more variety like the second dish which is the Beggar's Pig Leg. Man, I was amazed when I unwrapped the pig's leg. It was enormous. Fat was everywhere but it was so damn nice. For me, I like the pig's leg more than the chicken but there wasn't much lean meat on it.

When I saw this, I thought, Beggar's Rice? Well almost. It's their Traditional Rice or Glutinous Rice with lots of chicken and mushroom in it. Everyone was really enjoying this dish but it was just alright for me. Maybe I had better ones before this.

Beggar's Soup? Sorry sorry, I am carried away with all the beggar's food. This is their Longevity Soup. It's actually what we call Spicy Chicken Soup which is famous in Seri Kembangan and also Semenyih. This is less spicy if compared to the others but the taste of the soup was soothing and nice. Chicken was tender and the portion was generous.

I think even beggars need their green and here's the only vegetable of the night. Nothing much to comment bout the vegetable but it's fresh and crunchy.

This is another famous dish from the restaurant which is their Stewed Chicken & Pig's Feet with Intestines. For me it was just another mixture of chicken and pork but for others it was finger licking good. So it's very objective.

This is the Fried Oyster with Egg. The portion was damn large. But the significant differnt between the one we normally eat and the one over here is that the lack of stach they use. So it would be more healthier compared to the one we had but lack the sticky texture. So it's a give and take for me. We had also ordered Fried Eggs with onions but I didn't took any picture of it as it's almost similar to the one we had anywhere.

And the food just kept on pouring in one after the other. This is their Talapia Fish which is minced all together and then blended and fried and sliced into shaped before placing it back to form the original form. Lots of work but some of the relatives said that the fish isn't that fresh? Well for me, it was alright. Wasn't much into Talapia so not my plate of fish in this case.

Last but not least, Spicy Crab which is the last 1kg in their restaurant tonight. It was fresh and spicy and the sauce really did sips into the meat and all. But didn't have chance to enjoy it as I had already had enough after the last dish when this arrived.

So how was the food? Well for me, if you haven't tried Beggar's Chicken, then it's OK to try. But once you try it, there is no reason to go back again unless it's for a special occasion. For me the beggar's chicken is very similar to the one we had at the night market. I think they called it paper wrapped chicken or herbal wrapped chicken.

So how much did we spent on the two table of towering foods? Beats me. The others were still drinking when we left around 8.30pm. So better come early around 6pm or so when the sky is bright and shinny. Leave early as the road going out is quite dark. Even have time to give some prayers before I left. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

Address: Restaurant Bukit Jugra (Banting)
GPS Location: N 2.82831 E101.41690
Contact: 03-3120 2515
Dishes Serving Hour: 1pm to 8pm


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